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Interior and Exterior Painters in Carlstadt

Carlstadt’s German roots and heritage are evident from its architecture and the Turnverein and the intriguing story of the venue. The German influence earned it the name friendly little German village on the hill. You see, back in the 1800s, Carlstadt was in Lodi Township. In the year 1876, awesome German Freethinkers, with Dr. Carl Klein as their leader bought the land that engulfed the town. The town was later named after him. Stadt is a German word meaning city. So in essence, Carlstadt means Carl’s Town. The freethinkers bought about 140 acres of land for just $16,000. The town later became a municipality in 1894.

The German Freethinkers didn’t emphasize on religion. In fact, they didn’t allow any church in their part of the borough. Their main focus was on exercise and education. However, some of the early residents were religious. Some were German Evangelicals and other German Catholics and were pushing for a church.

Another key part of the town’s history is the Turnverein. It started in 1857 and was a meeting place for the town’s residents, which also doubled as a space for exercising, socializing, and signing. The society aided in funding the town’s schools as well as its departments.

The Turnverein that is on Broad Street currently was built back in 1900. And when it caught fire in 1952, it was almost demolished, but the members opted to rebuild it. Currently, the hall holds signing and gymnastic classes.

Throughout the town’s history, German was compulsory in schools. Kids had to learn the intricacies of the German and English languages. And actually, meetings were written in German and translated to English. The Free Press was also printed in German. The integration of the German language in the education system and its use in the government came to a halt after the First World War. Clearly, it’s a city with a rich and interesting history, right?

Commercial and Residential Painting

When you live in such a rich town, there’s pressure to live up to the standards set by your predecessors. And with houses dating back to the early 1800s, a lot of paintwork and remodeling is needed. And here’s the thing – before you are tempted to turn it all into a DIY project, consider the benefits of hiring a professional like us- Painters in Bergen County NJ.

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