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In truth, the history of any area infers the history of the people that have inhabited it. Before the Europeans inhabited this area, the Hackensack Native Americans were the locals. These Native Americans made up the Lenape village, which was split into 3 clans whose symbols were turkey, wolf, and turtle. These clans were spread out in New Jersey into about 10 sub-clans. Note that marriage wasn’t allowed within the clan. And since it was a matriarchal society, the husband and kids became members of the wife’s clan.

It wasn’t until 1664 that the first European, Henry Hudson arrived in this city. Hudson claimed the city for the Dutch, who were his employers. However, many years passed before the first Dutch stepped foot in the area. At the time, the Dutch weren’t in any hurry to invest or go on full-blown colonization. This is because they understood that it would be super costly to bear the costs of a colony until it started making any profits. And when it did, they went all out on it, and after a while, the area was taken over by the English who ran things between 1664 and 1783.

When the Englishmen left in 1893, the government was handed over to the residents. The responsibilities of the government were now in the hands of the families for the first time in over two centuries. Though challenging, the residents pulled through and brought changes to Bogota. The fact that the new residents were dedicated members of the professional and business classes and not farmers like the initial residents helped grow the town slowly but surely to the point it is today.

On The Fence on Whether to Embark on a Painting Project?

Well, there’s no doubt that your home is as strong and rich in history as the city it’s in. However, it’s also true that it has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years. And while it might not be time to conduct a full-blown renovation, it’s important that you give your home a facelift. And here’s the thing, painting is the cheapest most affordable way of improving the look of your home and commercial buildings as well as increasing their value.

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