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Residential Painters in Alpine –Let Us Help You Preserve and Elevate Your Home’s Beauty

Alpine is a relatively tiny rural community that is recorded to have a population of 1,849 people. The community offers prestige and a lot of privacy. And despite it being a small community, it is often ranked as one of the richest communities in the US. It features homes that have bowling alleys, several swimming pools, and garages that are filled with state of the art designer cars. With jaw breaking mansions taking root in the area every few months, it’s hard to believe that the area was deserted.

Looking at the few pictures available on the official Alpine website, you’ll realize that there were very few buildings at the time. Trees and bare land extended for many kilometers on what now is a fancy suburb.

Now, despite the fancy-looking buildings in the area, Alpine NJ has more than 35 structures that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places and that are believed to have been built way back in the 1800s. Alpine wants to protect these buildings as historical gems.

According to a particular historical survey, Alpine lost many historical sites that had been listed in the 1982 survey, including the Alpine School Building, a couple of homes in Gen Goin district and 2 residential homes on the Old Dock Road.

According to historical experts, Alpine’s move to protect its history was a good move (even while new mansions are being built). And what better way is there to protect historical buildings in Alpine than to contract a company that is skilled and reputable in the industry? And for all your painting and renovation needs, you shouldn’t look any further than Painters in Bergen County NJ.

 Given that we are based in New Jersey, we are aware of the history and trends of the region. As such, we’ll do our level best to stick to the outlines.

So what service are you in need of today? Do you need your cabinets painted? Your interior painted keeping with a cool theme you have in mind? Or do you need your worn-out wallpaper removed and replaced with another trendy and chic wallpaper – one that has your personality written all over it? If yes, then we are the painting company for the job.

But why should you choose us? Well, for starters, we offer a wide range of painting and renovation services. Second and most importantly, the services are delivered by a team of skilled, licensed and friendly contractors. Their work is to put a smile on your face while adhering to the industry standard.

Once we are done with the project, our team will see to it that it cleans after itself and leaves your home better than they found it. So how about you give us a call today and let us help you turn your project into a wonderful work of art?

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