Hackensack Golf Club Everything you Need to Know

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Here is a fun fact about golf – it is by far one of the oldest and most fun games in the world. And contrary to popular belief, people of all ages (yes, even toddlers) love having a good time on the golf course. In addition to being fun, it is a healthy game.

For starters, it plays an essential role in your cardiovascular health. It also reduces stress, helps you make friends and gets you to learn new skills.

With that said, the best place to have a good time golfing in Oradell is at the Hackensack Golf Club. The beauty of this club is that it has a range of benefits aside from golfing. Below is a quick overview of what the club offers and how you can benefit from it.

Hackensack Golf Club

The golf course has 18 regulation holes. It is managed by Norman Forsyth and has green yards and friendly staff. The course has a 73.1-course rating and a slope rating of 130 on the Brent Grass.

Hackensack Golf Club Website

When you first arrive at the Hackensack Golf Club website, you’ll feel as though you’ve been teleported to the late 1800s. Now, if you are a designer, you’ll probably cringe at the sight of it. Because let’s face it, it lacks most of the modern website design technology – it’s not responsive or vibrant.

But if you think about it, the design is intentional and for a good reason. First, it oozes of the club’s history, and second, it is simple enough to get everything you want. The thing with modern website technology is that it tends to complicate things. The Hackensack Golf Club website has everything well placed and easy to find.

The menu is placed on the right, and the items in it are written in a large font. It details everything you need to know, but a lot of information is only available to members. This means that you need to log into the site to get most of the information provided.


Hackensack Golf Club Address

Hackensack Golf Club is found in Oradell, New Jersey. Its address is:

880 Soldier Hill Road

Oradell, NJ 07649

Its GPS address is: 1 Golf Club Road, Emerson, NJ 07630

Now that you have the address, the next obvious question is, how do you get there? Well, the club is in an area with excellent infrastructure, meaning that you have lots of options. From New York, for example, there’s the option of taking the bus or the train. With a bus, the transit lines 772 and 165 are near the golf club, and with the train, PVL is the closest.

Hackensack Golf Club History

The history of the Hackensack Golf club dates back to 1899. However, the course currently in play isn’t as old. The club was designed and constructed by Seth Raynor and Charles Banks, respectively. However, it was only brought into play two years after the architect passed on.

The initial golf course was a Raynor trademark replica. It features holes like Short, Biarritz, and Redan. But in the past years, the layout has been overhauled. The renovation started in 2007 when the original plans surfaced.

For six years, Steve Weisser worked on restoring the important features of the design and even added two designs that were initially planned for but were never constructed. This includes the bunker, which stretches for 150 yards along the 11th.

Hackensack Golf Club Restaurant

With everything that the golf club has going on the outside, it would be a shame if that is all it had to offer. Luckily, it’s not. If you go hard on the course with your friends and get famished, you can replenish your energies at their restaurant. The club has a location inside and outside, and both options are designed to create an ambiance of peace and tranquility.

The food is exquisite, and they can cater to larger parties – yes, even weddings if you so wish. And what’s even better is that all their food is fresh, flavorful, and served hot.

Hackensack Golf Club Wedding

The Hackensack Golf Club is the perfect venue to host the wedding you’ve always dreamt about. Why? Well, because it has lush green yards and excellent views of the stretching courses. The sand traps may be a nightmare for golfers, but for your wedding, they will be the star attraction and blend perfectly with your ideas.

If you would like a great golfing experience, look no further than the Hackensack Golf Club. You can also consider being a member and forming new friends in the process.