Doug Parcells Athletic Complex & Oradell Public Parks

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Oradell’s history is written all over the borough on the street sign posts. For instance, its main road, the Kinderkamack Road was named after the Leni Lenape Indians who occupied the region before it became what it is today. The name ‘Kinderkamack’ means a place of worship and dance.

Over the years, the region has undergone a massive transformation. And like any other borough, it has undergone a great deal of growth in infrastructure and change in the governing structure. And though a lot has changed over the years, there’s one thing the Boroughs leadership is proud of – the complexes and public parks it has.

It might sound like a small feat, but it’s not. Public parks and recreation systems are beneficial on many different fronts in Oradell. For instance, they serve as catalysts for economic development, help to preserve the natural resources of the land, including wildlife, air, and water. It also helps in preserving open spaces for the current and future generations to enjoy. Generally, these spots foster community pride as they bring people of all kinds together.

With that said, below are the parks and playgrounds available in Oradell, NJ.

1. Grand Field and Playground

This space is located on Grant Avenue. The park has two baseball diamonds, a children’s playground, and a basketball court. Amidst other programs, the Grand Field is the home ground for Oradell Little League’s T-ball program.

Overall, the space is well lit, cleaned and maintained. With all the space and the scenery it sports, it promises a good time for both children and adults.

If you are new to the area, there are local guides who will show you the splendor of the field in its entirety.

For those with disabilities, the field has a wheelchair accessible entrance. With such inclusivity, Oradell makes sure that everyone in the community can gain access and have fun.

Note that the field is a smoke-free zone.

2. Hoffman Field and Playground

Hoffman Park is also known as the Rossi Memorial park. It is named after Major Marie Rossi who was a resident in Oradell and died in service during the Persian Gulf War.

The park has beautiful terraces and is located off Kinderkamack Road. It is between Beverly Avenue and Milford Avenue.

On its highest terrace, there is a row of trees that add to the beauty of the park. The next level contains the memorial, and the lowest part of the park has the playground, basketball court, and the baseball field.

The park is green and family-friendly. You can get to the Hoffman field by train, and the closest station is Kinderkamack Rd, located at church St. It is about 1194 yards away from the field, which translates into a 15-minute walk. You can also get there by bus. The nearest bus line stop is 165.


3. Memorial Field and Playground/C.W Coach Muehleck Little League Field

Memorial Field and Playground are located right opposite the Oradell Public School. The biggest attraction of the space is a field house and a playground that was built by Oradell Kids Foundation.

The Memorial playground is surrounded by the soccer fields, the lighted tennis courts, a handball wall, a tennis practice wall, a basketball court, two ice skating ponds, which are perfect for a romantic date, wooded groves, and the C.W Coach Muehleck Little League field.

There is also a memorial that was constructed to honor and commemorate military persons from Oradell.

Now, unfortunately, the tennis courts aren’t open all year long. You can access them between the 15th of March to the 15th of November.

Also, to use the court, you are required to make an application for a tennis badge. The application can be made online or physically at the Memorial Field and Playground.

4. Schirra Park

This is one of the small parks in Oradell and is located in the center of the borough. It was made back in the early 1960s in honor of an Astronaut – Astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Jr. The park was named after him as well.

The park includes benches, gazebos, a flag pole, a public bulletin board that is updated with Oradell’s pubic information, and a plaque made to commemorate Schirra. Schirra was a big deal because he was the only astronaut who flew in 3 US space missions.

Through the year, Oradell residents book the space to hold different events and ceremonies. Oradell also prefers this space for its civic meetings.

5. Van Buskirk Island County Park

There are quite a few manmade islands in the world, and making one is no easy feat. As such, when one is created and goes on to be a tourist attraction, it is a big deal. Van Buskirk is one such island. It was made back when a dam was created across the Hackensack River in the 1800s. When the dams were built, they helped the area around the Hackensack River to grow into a commercial center.

It was a success and is currently home to lots of different bird species. Also, on the island was a water treatment plant but it is no longer operational. The Hackensack Water company owned about 46.8 acres of land, which includes the Van Buskirk where the plant was.

Now the Van Buskirk Island is found on a portion of the Piedmont Plateau, and its soil is quite fertile. The area still has some houses that were built centuries ago by the European settlers.


The Oradell borough has a variety of parks for its residents and visitors to enjoy during the warm months. The green spaces are ideal for relaxing, meditating and playing sports.

Oradell has ensured that the areas are packed with all the necessary amenities to help the parks and fields meet modern age standards and the needs of the Oradell residents. Their efforts in this are apparent with the addition of a wheelchair accessible entrance. You are guaranteed to have a great time in this space without spending a fortune.