15 Nontoxic Paint Facts


Reading Time: 11 minutes Over the past couple of years, the eco-friendly paint market has grown exponentially. And for the most part, this is great news because customers can now access safer products than before. It also means that companies are concerned about preserving …

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20 House Painting Statistics and Analysis


Reading Time: 13 minutes To build and renovate a home requires close cooperation between general contractors as well as subcontractors who are skilled at building new homes and remodeling existing ones. The home renovation process in the US involves remodeling external and internal structures …

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21 Home Renovation Statistics and Trends


Reading Time: 13 minutes With DIY ideas and inspirations flooding social media platforms, more homeowners are motivated to roll up their sleeves (or hire home renovation contractors) and make some changes in their homes. These changes are geared towards transforming the houses into the …

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